• Empty waste receptacles and damp wipe exterior surfaces
  • Sweep floors on full floor basis
  • Damp mop on full floor basis using disinfectant detergent
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas on full floor basis
  • Empty and damp wipe interior and exterior of cigarette urns
  • Wash both side of entrance door glass
  • Clean door grills, metal work, kick and push plates
  • Wash all glass at entrances
  • Spray buff and polish floors
  • Strip and refinish floors
  • Dust and damp wipe all counter areas


  • Wash floors using disinfectant
  • Spot clean walls and doors removing grit and stains
  • Remove gum, tar etc. from floors
  • Spot clean mirrors and glass
  • Vacuum carpeted areas Wash door tracks
  • Clean and polish elevator bright metal work, doors and walls
  • Wash ceilings, light covers and air diffuser grills
  • Strip and refinish floors

Office Furniture

  • Supply and replace all interior fluorescent tubes and bulbs (as required)
  • Empty and wipe interior and exterior of wastepaper baskets
  • Replace waste bags
  • Dust horizontal surfaces
  • Dust pictures and wall hangings as requested
  • Dust and spot clean surfaces of lockers and filing cabinets
  • Clean all doors and door frames
  • Wash, disinfect and polish water fountains (using approved germicidal products)
  • Damp wipe radiators and heating outlets
  • Dust and remove stains and marks from telephones
  • Dust and remove stains from baseboards, window sills and ledges
  • Vacuum carpeted baseboards
  • Dust ledges and inside desk wells Wash and disinfect wastepaper baskets
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Clean and polish both sides of bookcase glass doors


  • Patrol clean all bathrooms and replenish soap and paper products
  • Sweep floors
  • Damp mop floors with germicidal solution
  • Complete interior and exterior cleaning of toilet bowls and urinals using concentrated germicidal solution
  • Clean and disinfect all water taps, dispensers, flush valves and waste receptacles
  • Spot clean walls, doors and partitions
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Empty sani-cans, wash and disinfect, replace bags
  • Supply and replenish soap in containers, toilet paper and paper towels
  • Supply and replace deodorant blocks
  • Strip and refinish floors


  • Sweep and damp mop stairs and landings
  • Remove tar, gum and other residue
  • Dust and damp wipe all hand rails, vertical grills, stringers and ledges


  • Vacuum carpets on full floor basis
  • Remove spots and stains as required
  • Clean carpets on full floor basis (bonnet and deep cleaning)